My personal use products Terms of Use:

The Package you purchased and all files within are created and copyrighted to SweetMaDe Inc of

Unless other wise specified the product and all files downloaded are for personal use only. The use of files downloaded is not for commercial use unless proper license and permission is obtained by you.
This includes but is not limited to: web design, cards, albums, or other projects used to generate income. If you wish to use these items commercially you must contact me via E mail.
This product and parts within are not to be redistributed, shared, copied or reproduced. It is for personal use only and may not be shared via email groups, forums, web sharing blogs. In addition this product may not be resold in any form. You may not include this set on any cd to be shared or resold.

You may use this product for any personal use purpose, this includes altering the product for any type of personal use project.
Proper credit should be given if posting in web galleries and contests. Please credit

My personal use items can be used in contests and games as long as they are used by the purchaser only. Items can be used in publishing contests with proper credit. You may reuse the products as many times as you wish and with no limit.

If you are unsure about the use of my product you should contact me first @

Wallpapers Special TAU

These wallpapers are for your use only.
DO not store them on any file sharing web site or on your web server for others to download.
Please share the link to the free/purchase download instead with those who wish to obtain it.

You may alter the wallpaper to your liking as long as it remains for personal use only and is not redistributed.

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