I hope that every one had a great Holiday, that all wishes came true and every one is healthy and ready for the super slide into 2011.

This year has made me thankful for the people I know, in business and in Personal life, I have learned that i have great supporters as well as super cool friends, I am thankful the Holiday is over as i am most stressed during December, a big Sigh of relieve this morning as i realized another successful Christmas has passed, looking at my children faces as they Play with their new  Toys and sport the new Wear, I am content and happy. I hope that you all can have the same feeling of peace and the stress is moved on from your Households.

  My 7 year Old Jalen Has written many letters to Santa, Seems the more she can write and read the more she loves to do just that. ( i honestly think she will be a journalist as i never seen a child who loves books more than she does ) Any who.. The letters ranged from Dear Santa i love you to Be save Santa to the best of them all, i wanted to share it with you ,
The last letter to Santa was written on Dec 24th when i tried a new recipe Which i want to share with you all as well.

I found this new ( at least to me ) website PickyPlate.com I JUST love their desserts and well I am absolutely going to try to bake more this coming new year, My first try was at the Brownie covered Oreos, I Love brownies and I love oreos so I thought I will try this with my children this Christmas Eve as they could be involved in the dipping of the oreo in the brownie batter and we had lots of fun, In the recipe you will see sprinkles but we left those out we instead used a new Pillsbury Velvet cream cheese icing in a can without the sprinkles, The treats came out Delicious! The cream cheese icing calmed down the Overload of the chocolate feeling in your mouth. I was very happy because the kids just Fell over them,

Take a peek:

So we made 3 batches of 12 Of these delicious Treats, I took about 5 and send them to my neighbors ( they are collage students ) i figured they would like a treat, and then we took 3 on a plate for Santa, my kids had right then and there 2 each, All of a sudden Jalen got very worried and started writing her last letter to Santa, She asked me to put it on the plate for him to read that night, I peeked and it said:

” Dear Santa, We made these for you, My mom and I worked very hard on these so Please Please if you do not like them Do not trow them away or give to your Elfs,  Please leave them for me and i will take care of them when i get up. love you, Jalen “

LOL I thought you would get a kick out of that .

I have many wonderful New years resolutions ( but i will go in to telling you all later because i rambled on long enough ) lol

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