In this tutorial I want to show you an Nifty way to protect your images with digital copyright in Photoshop, As you see I have placed a watermark on my Image already you too can of course do this step with any font as you already probably know, but I always feel uneasy when I post images of my children on the Internet, I want to do more than just place a watermark which someone could easy remove with a cropping of the image.

Once you are done Editing your image such as lighting, cropping etc you will do these following steps to ensure your image is Digitally protected.


1. Go to file/File Info  ( Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I)

A new pop up window will open


The very first tab will be Description.

Here you will fill out any info you want, I don’t want to spend too much time filling out every single window so I will show you only the important ones.

Your Document title: this is your title of your image name, you can enter what ever name you wish to give this image.

Author: That is where your name goes, fill that out.

-Important step!

Copyright status: Drop down and select Copyrighted

In the copyright notice you can describe your terms there.

Copyright Info URL: you can place your web link or any link you wish that will lead to your full terms of use


Next Tab is IPTC ( that is the image Metadata)

Here you can also fill out what ever you wish i only filled out my name country email and again my website URL.

You can scroll trough all the tabs to be curious and see if you want to fill any others out, the other steps are not as necessary as the first 2 but, lets take a look what other Nifty things we can find.


When you click the Camera Data Tab you will see this is something you can not fill out, Photoshop automatically reads the image date from your Camera. It tells what Equipment I have used for my image. Pretty COOL!


Next I clicked the Mobile SWF, This is a Adobe Flash File extension, You will find that its already Filled out, You shouldn’t do anymore here unless you are working with a Flash file and since we are working with an Jpeg Image we leave it as is.

At this point click OK, the window will close.


Look What just happened right next to your Image name, the copyright symbol appears and will travel with the image where ever it goes.

Pretty cool right?

This is also something pretty good to know, Photoshop remembers all your entries, So on your next image all you have to do is Start typing into your fields and you will have choices of your previous entries to choose from, so you really don’t have to type everything up again next time, just select and go.

BUT You can also SAVE your information as a template if you will be using the same info over and over again for other images, but remember to enter a generic name into the document title field, such as your company name, then select Export and save the file to your metadata template folder ( Photoshop will pre- choose your folder to save your file in for you )



So on your next Image all you would do is IMPORT the MetaData template you wish to apply to your image.

I have noticed that when protecting my images in this manner almost every social media medium such as Facebook, Instagram etc can now read your digital copyright when you post your image, most of your description will post right automatically with your image.

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