I have a quick and pretty easy tutorial how you can make some cute custom gifts, may it be from digital papers or photos you can impress with this cute gift idea this season, its so inexpensive and you can make a couple sets in no time


These coasters are fun and easy to make. You can make them as a gift for friends and family this holiday season, imagine grandma getting some nice custom coasters with the Grand kids photos, flower photos or just some nice paper work.

I made mine with Papers to start with, you can use any papers / textures you wish but there are many beautiful paper packs to choose from in my shop. Just print and you have some nice custom papers that you can turn into some cool custom coasters.


-papers or photos you will cut

-4 or more tiles ( you can buy them from any home improvement store for cents) mine are white, and cost 23 cents per tile.

-Mod podge ( glossy finish)

-a brush or small sponge to spread mod podge ( you can wash it off later)

-some felt or rubber texture ( small amount one sheet will do of either)

-for the sealing i used Krylon ColorMaster CLEAR finish sealant spray because it dries in 10 minutes or under, which was perfect for me. But there are many various finishing sprays you can choose from, as long as its clear and water proof you are good to go.

Now you are ready to start!


I put down newspaper on my table, ModPodging always can be a little messy if you are a hurry up type of girl such as myself. So after that either print out some papers or choose which photos you want to use. Make sure that the photo can cover the tile ok, cut the paper and photos carefully to fit your tile, try not going over the edge if you are a half a inch away from the edges that would be good. You can always use your ruler to measure and draw on the back of the paper of Photo to make cutting guides. I just put my tile on top of the paper and used my excacto knife to make quick cuts.

Secondly prepare the feet of the coasters. You don’t have to have them but my experience is the person using a coaster likes to protect their table and you don’t want to scratch it by moving coasters back and fourth with the rougher back of tiles. So we will make our coasters have nice cushions AKA feet.

make circles or squares ( again a square was faster ) and cut 4 tiny parts per tile, so for our project we will need 12 about same size squares or circles cut out of felt or Rubber texture.


You want to start with he bottom part of the coasters because the other side will take a little longer to dry. So just apply a small amount ( drop) of ModPodge to each corner and place your feet ( cut outs). Press firmly. If you are using felt it may get a little wet, do not worry it will dry fine.  after you have done the last one, see if your first isnt dry yet, if not wait 5 minutes or so then turn over.

Again check your paper, make sure you cut it out ok and everything fits perfect.


Lets Apply the ModPodge to the top of the tile, do one by one, I am applying it to the tile rather than the paper because i want to be able to slide the paper if i get it wrong, If the paper is too wet with ModPodge it may rip when you are trying to slide it. So layer your tile with one thin coat EVENLY then grab the already pre-cut paper or photo and gently put it over the tile. Try to be on one edge already then its an easy slide and smooth down the tile. If it is not directly on the edges you wanted them to be lift the paper or photo a little and re apply it, sliding it to position as you Press and stroke it a little, if there are some bubbles from the paper rolling don’t worry, try to smooth it with a clean dry rag a little or with your hand.

You should move on to tile 2 then 3 and so on after this step, wait to apply a new coat of ModPodge directly on the paper when all 4 tiles have a layer of paper on them and are nice and smooth.


I have waited  5 minutes to make sure they are not too wet anymore. I had some ModPodge seeping out in a couple sides i simply wiped it right off, while it was still wet.

Now We are ready to start sealing your Paper. We will do one layer of ModPodge and one layer of Clear Spray seal.

With the same brush or a sponge apply a thin amount of your ModPodge over the papers. Try to have an even coat on this layer, if it comes out too uneven apply more ModPodge.

Make sure you go beyond the paper and a little into the sides of the tile to make a nice clean seal.

Now here comes some real Waiting. you probably wont be able to move them right away

( it`s a good thing our Coasters have feet) it will not be sticking to your table or newspaper while its drying.


Usually I will say an hour is enough but in my case i waited a whole day Because i wanted to make sure it was really dry, ( I probably over did the top layer of ModPodge a tad), I did move them a little here and there because i was paranoid the newspaper will stick to the side and ruin my project. So i moved them on a plastic tub top.

When they are wet they look milky on top, do not worry ModPodge dries clear.

Once they are dry they will appear glossy, the milky layer will disappear and that is probably a good sign it is dry now. You can give them a touch test and make sure.

If they are dry then take them in an area where you can open a window, i took mine outside for a quick spray with my Clear finish. I sprayed once quickly on top to make sure they become water proof and that’s that!. All of 5 minutes later the top was completely dry i did a test with a wet rag and wiped the top.


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