Polish the silver, check every tyne.  Aunt Esther is coming! Bring out the best wine!  Fresh bread from the oven, colorful veggies and fruits, laughter contagious as we reminisce o’er our roots.  Kettle on the fire, rich soup in the bowls, Family Dinner is about memories of the young and the old.


Family Dinner {Bundle with BONUS RECIPES}

–  FREE BONUS only available in this bundle: 26 recipe cards with favorite recipes from our Studio team!
 DOUBLE BONUS!  Ready-to-print hybrid project (special thanks to LouCee Creation for making this stunning book for us)

Family Dinner {Elements} Family Dinner {Recipe Cards}

Family Dinner {Page Kit} Family Dinner {Patterned Papers} Family Dinner {Solids}

Family Dinner {Alpha} Family Dinner {Clusters} Family Dinner {Glitter Swirls}

Family Dinner {Stackers} Family Dinner {Glitter} Family Dinner {Masks}

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