I have another tutorial on DSB blog for you, this one is a square fall / holiday Wreath, You can make this easy with your kids on a nice fall afternoon, The possibilities are endless.


Fall, Full of magic and most artistic Season of all. Is sure has me inspired to do some crafty DIY projects.

I wanted to do a Fall themes DIY wreath but i did not want to stick with the regular ole round Crafting wreath this time. I wanted of course to be a tad different and i decided to make a square wreath this season.

You will not need a lot and it is up to you how far you want to go with this creation. the fun part this project converts easy to an Holiday Wreath which i will display next month.

A Crafting glue gun

A small saw

Craft sharp Scissors

This is a great Crafting DIY project you can do with your children or grandchildren this Fall brake, Send your kids out on a scavenger hunt for supplies.

Anything could be useful, sticks, old branches, leaves, pine cones, flowers, moss, etc.

Give your kid a bag and let them go searching in the back yard or on a walk with you.

We were lucky a little i did most of the supply gathering right after we had our trees and shrubs trimmed, which most of you do any way this time a year.


This was our gathering today, We found some cool green berries too, i later decided not to use the blue ones in the picture, they were getting really mushy and soft.

For the  first step we will need to make our frame, we will need 4 to 5 good sturdy sticks and make them about the same size.

I used my saw knife to make them equal, I lay them out to arrange them and get a general vision for my Wreath.


I am working outside as you notice,  it will be a little messy and plus its gorgeous out so i wanted to enjoy the outdoors more.

We will need to tie the main frame together, i used ribbon, and twine, you can however use a hot glue gun as well. I did that for the middle part. Do not worry the twine or ribbon will be hidden and not visible once we are done.

Once i made sure this frame is dry and sturdy I started thinking about the arrangements on it. Loosely place your items around to get an idea how you want to design your Wreath.

Once you have a idea of where you are placing your main peaces, such as pine cones, long vines, and  greenery ( you can see pine, or other greenery) I would suggest mixing in some fake greenery for a more lasting Wreath, when the natural real parts start to whiter the fake plastic will keep your wreath still alive a little longer.

We want to Maybe have this project last 30 to 60 days, so while you use real leaves use fake flowers if you are doing these.

Work with your glue gun and apply all your items as you wish.

This is how i was progressing.


When the biggest peaces are mounted on i did not want to be bending over this way, it was tough on the back so i moved the project to the actual door, i hung it up and then it was much better.


I started applying my dry  moss grass ( that grows on trees here in GA ) its the most gorgeous thing, i was glad to have these in my back yard, I am sure you can get this in a craft store too.

I placed my bird and started gluing on real and fake leaves in spaces.

And this is the part where i say its up to you, even without the leaves this project looks pretty impressive already, but i decided to keep going and gluing sticking leaves and flowers on, the Pine cone is a great base if you think about it you can glue and stick flowers right in between for a more popping out real look here.


You can add berries to this wreath and it will instantly become more Holiday Themed

The berries i chose are small red balls on a wire, they are fake and easy to put on and take of, just make a small hook with the wire and stick them in when you are ready for your Wreath to become the Holiday master peace.



Hope You Enjoyed this Tutorial and Crafting Idea, 

Pin it , share it and show us your Wreath by commenting below.

We would love to see how yours turned out.

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