Here is a video of me in Ai, this video was shot just 30 min. ago and is very rough, i did not include audio, ( trust me it is loud in my house right now) I drew these really quick and they are not complicated doodles, never the less i wanted to show some first steps to simple doodles, you too can make on your own, that is if you draw.

The doodles before Ai, scanned, you can see i work with a sharpie marker ( ultra fine black will do), the doodle is very jaggy, and marker is a bit runny, some edges are not smooth but trust me it doesnt matter so do your best when drawing but you dont have to be perfect, just watch the transformation and below you can download the 2 doodles FREE, they are CU ok AND CU4CU ok.

Doodles before Ai:




** now that u tube has them they are not clear at all, so i will redo the video in a while.



doodles after ai:

Over the weekend i am going to make another tutorial on how to work and make them color doodles. sry this is a bit unclear I just wanted to show that I actually know what i am doing, but i dont know what i am doing when it comes to recording video. so bare with me.


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