with 4th of July I thought I d share my Famous Deviled egg recipe with you.


I thought I d share my famous recipe with you and maybe someone you know will love them a lot. Its ok if you want to keep the secret.

A lot of people add relish to their deviled eggs I find that it just makes them taste too sweet for me, so a great substitute that I have are kosher pickles.

prep time 20 minutes. makes 20 egg half’s.

This is what you will need for my Eggs

10 eggs

– Low fat Mayonnaise ( or regular if you like) Any brand you like but the regular works best

– Yellow mustard

– Kosher dill pickles

– Salt and pepper

– paprika

It is very simple,  Boil your 10 eggs, I usually will boil them for 15 minutes and then let them cool.

* TIP : add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water the egg will peel very easy without braking your egg

Let them cool completely, Peel the eggs, cut them in half’s and push the yellows out into a bowl. Place your egg whites on a plate.

Cut about 2 x 4ths or 1whole medium pickle. Per 10 eggs that’s ok

( reason I say 4ths because a lot of times I find the kosher pickles already cut in 4ths in a jar, so 2 will do)

Cut them long ways then into small cubes, the smaller the better but don’t smash them, I like the texture they create with the egg and cream.

Add it to your bowl. Now add about 2 to 3 table spoons of mayonnaise and 1 table spoon of yellow mustard.

the mustard is really to taste so go ahead and sprinkle salt and pepper or leave it out if you want and wait.

Mix things up with a fork,  its ok if you now brake the egg yolks up a bit, but they do not have to be smooth and smashed up completely.

As I said I am looking for the texture in my eggs.

Taste and apply salt and pepper. You want a bit of a salty taste.

the pickle is already salty so that’s why I said taste. if you like it then move  onto stuffing your eggs

Spoon the mixture into the egg whites little empty “boats” fill as much you like,, I love the stuffing so I fill them a lot.

Sprinkle paprika ver it, PLZ be light with it a little goes a long way here

Cover with another plate and put in the fridge.

I suggest at least a hour before serving . it tastes even better cold.


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