Commercial and CU4CU Terms Of Use All items marked cuok.
SweetMade.INC ( Aneta Keel ) 2006- updated last 2013.
(all rights reserved)
If in doubt of our use permissions Please contact me via the contact form.

You may not share files with groups, blogs, mailing lists or any other 3rd party. You may not offer and resale files as is. You may not claim these files as your own. ADDITIONAL LICENSE


CU4CU questions?

Commercial use for commercial use means you may create products that then will be resold as commercial use licensed products.

”they are never ok to be resold as cu4cu products unless a written permission is granted by SweetMadeINC.”
CU4CU. commercial use for commercial use terms:











items covered by cu4cu license:

BRUSHES, Vectors, Shapes, Overlays, patterns, textures

You may use these items to create commercial use products given that you are not creating a competing product, (ie: same product)

Ie: You may not use brushes to create brushes.

You may use brushes for overlays/papers/masks/ for cu resale

Ie: You may not use overlays to create overlays.

You may use overlays for papers/masks/ for cu resale

Ie: You may not use patterns to create patterns or overlays.

You may use patterns for Papers/cards/masks for cu resale

Ie: you may not use Vectors to create brushes, vectors or shapes. You may use Vectors to create masks/papers/overlays/patterns for cu resale

* vectors have a remix license: You may create brushes if you mix vectors to create a new image. ( credit must be given when creating cu brushes from vector files)

Textures can be used in cu papers creation but not for styles or other texture creation.

Fantasy Bases may be used as commercial use papers for resale given you Alter them and add your own design to them, they may not be sold as is ( for cu resale) they may not be used to create styles for cu resale. If you are creating a personal use product such as a scrap kit the fantasy papers may be included in it as is.

Shapes may be used for cu resale in Paper/Texture/Overlays/Masks/elements creations, they may not be used to create brushes, vectors or shapes for cu resale.

Elements unless other wise stated do not carry the cu4cu license. When the cu4cu is allowed and stated on the product description they may not be sold as is but may be used in clusters/tags/paper/ creations only.



Stock Photos:
You may create papers, cards, photo backgrounds, web design, for resale.
these images are not to be sold as they are so you must do something with it.
You may not create a style for commercial resale with these images.
if you crated a style for your self out of these and then made a frame, that frame CAN be resold as your own, cu or not.
All Brush sets are for creative Use only,
DO not resale the brushes individually or in packs,
DO not include Brush files or Png files associated with The brush packs in Scrap kits.
You may color the png files and create elements for sale.
You may use for all commercial projects ( scrap kits, Element packs, Web design, Tag making, Stationery creations,Publishing etc.)
May be used to create Overlays and commercial use papers as long as the Original shape is not extractable and is a merged file.
Vector :

  • You may use my CHANGED files for commercial use to resale of, scrapbook personal packs, blog templates, web templates, cards, stationery, T-Shirts, Posters, commercials, presentations, Stock graphics.
  • You may use my files in commercial item resale as long as they are NOT extractable and NOT in the original stand alone shape.( ex: Overlays, photo slides, videos, posters etc.)
  • You may REMIX in AI ( combine and reshape) and use these files for stock art resale.
  • You may make personal/commercial use brushes/shapes for other applications as long as the PNG file is not included in your finished product.
  • If you use our products for personal use and non extractable items (blogs, cards,stock art overlays etc)NO CREDIT is required.
  • If you make Brushes Shapes for commercial use a credit to SweetmadeINC is required.
    If in doubt of our use permissions Please contact me via the contact form.
Photo Shop Layer STYLES:

Photo Shop Styles may be used to create commercial use items. Styles may be edited for personal use and commercial use as long as you are not reselling a style. The cu item must be a finished product or item created with the style but not the PS layer style file itself.
example 1:
Use our style to create a alpha = that alpha can be resold as you wish, cu or not
example 2:
Use our style to create elements ( modify our style to fit shapes, adjust brightness or bevel ) = elements can be resold as cu or not at your discretion
if you saved the modified style EVEN if it looks different You may not resale the style! that style is to be only yours for your own resource use.
Custom Layer Graphics:
This is the most versatile type of tool for a aspiring or advanced designer.
You may remix( add your own design, take away parts and add other graphics),
for web design, card making, photo studio remixes, make scrap papers, albums, animate, make logos and headers, tags and wall papers. Etc.
You may not: Resale as layered template files.
Resale the parts/layers as commercial supplies such as brushes or overlays.
Any other element files:
You may use elements free as your need.
You may not make complete element packs only from my elements.
An element that is hard to recolor may be used as a element addition to your scrap creation as long.
A bird house can be used as a bird house element in your nature kit, but you may not create a nature kit with our elements only. You should not design a whole kit with just my elements.
**if you are a template designer plz e mail us prior to use of our commercial items on your templates.Or see this additional license
You may use doodles as doodle files in your scrap kits as long as you do not use more than 30% of my doodles at once.
May be used to create Overlays and commercial use papers as long as the Original shape is not extractable and is a merged file.
All SweetMade fonts are fully commercial use.
You can make alphas for resale, wordart and other projects as long as
you do not resale the font or make commercial use png template alphas out of this font.
Layout Templates:
Templates can be used as Scrap 4 Hire projects and albums for sale. May not be resold as templates.
May be used in photo studios, Web design, Card design etc.
One template pack is meant for one individual. If you are looking for a team discount please contact us.
Overlays and Textures:

All Overlays are just that Overlays and are to be used in your background /element creations.
You may not include any overlay in a scrap kit as a add on or element unless you have altered it to be yours
You may alter color mix and match overlays to your liking.
You may not resale overlays individually or in packs



By downloading these images you are agreeing to the terms of this user license.
License Agreement Commercial Use: You may use these designs to modify or create new art and or graphics. You may not redistribute these items AS IS in their original form. Do not save them in other formats and redistribute as such. Do not add them to any collections for sale or downloading. These files are not to be redistributed in groups. License is for individual use only.

NO CREDIT is required, but very much appreciated.

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