– Mason jar / old spaghetti sauce jars do well to

– Old book or ( any brown paper bag to make the solid red ones)

-skewer sticks ( found in food isles)

This is what you will need for this cute rose project.

-Any ribbon you like / Yarn / any kind you like

-Hot glue gun

– scissors

-Distress Ink /Walnut

-Glimmer mist by tatered angels ( colors: candy apple red , Iridescent gold , Lemon zest)


Take out 3 pages from the old book , holding them together cut them in half. Heat up your glue gun.

Cut out 3 at a times large heart type shapes with no pointy end, its ok if they are not even or irregular,

Cut out 3 medium ones, 3 smaller than medium , and 3 smaller ones for a total of 12.

Cut out out of the left over page 3 half heart shapes/ small size,Take your Distress ink and rub the half hears

and shapes to distress you edges all around, stamp some and make the book dirty a little or a lot, depending on which you like.

If you are working with the brown paper roll do the same.

download (1)

Let them dry a little bit, If you are working with the brown paper to create red ones, this is a good t ime to spray them with

Glimmer mist ” candy apple red”, let that dry a little as well. you Can prespray the book page shapes as well with Glimmer mist ” Lemon Zest”.

Do not over do it, one spray on each will be enough right now.

Now that everything is dry lets begin putting out rose together, Start from smallest single half heart shape.

Grab your glue gun and one Skewer,

( the skewer can be pointy side up or down, i prefer the pointy end to be down in case i would like to stick them easy into a foam located in a vase)

One drop of hot glue is plenty here, BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET BURNED.

Each time you apply a new shape make sure its opposite from the previous one.

The 3 half hearts first then continue on to the Small. Only dabing some glue on the bottom part, squeze until the glue sets.

Again do not get burned, so dont over do the glue as it will spread while you squeze it, rub your finger all the way alround the skewer making sure the whole bottom gets glued on.

You could use a differant glue i suppose if you are not fond of hot glue guns, but remember that The hot glue gun sets pretty fast,

so there is not wait required as with other glues. it will also form a hard bottom of your rose as it is finished.

download (2)

Your shapes will bend at some point, thats ok, you can bend them your self as you go to see how the rose is developing, sometimes because i made a lot of them they also rip a little

when you bend them, thats ok as well, because the shapes will be rolled later it will give them a little harachter and make each one unique.

Remember no rose is perfect in nature so do not strive for perfection here. We are aiming for an vintage paper look. make sure you keep pressing and rolling your bottom thou,

as you add more and more of the shapes, to ensure a even bottom.

download (3)

Now that you have applied all the shapes an already cute rose emerges. This is the fun part. rolling your edges.

* If you are working with the brown paper bag, i suggest spraying the rose with Glimmer mist ” candy apple red.

*The brown paper straigtenes back again if you wait to do this utill after rolling.

Take another skewer and start rolling your edges, I suggest the bottom ones to be rolled up middle ones to be rolled down, or

mix and match rolling them, you do not have to go far into the shape just the edge, so hold with both hands and you roll the skewer with one of your hands for 30 seconds or so,

the tighter you roll the tighter your curl, You may have ripped edging as we discussed before, thats great, roll those as well, try alternating,

rolling up then another part rolling down, fold bend into shape.

download (4)

Your rose is almost finished, Spray now with Glimmer Mist ” Iridescent gold, lightly, do not over saturate or the wetness will undo your curl.

If that happends , wait a few minutes so the rose dries and recurl some more.

You are pretty much done, the rest is up to you really, but i will show you what i did to mine.

A tie dye wool was at my hands so i used that to cover the stem, this is where the mod podge gets in, you do not have to place the mod podge all over the stick but its most important at the

begining and bottom to secure your, ribbon or wool or twine even, you do not have to go all the way to the bottom with it just enough to cover 75% of it, Some roses you will want to trim,

as you arange them in the vase, so they all have a differant hight and look much like a bouquet

I also found some green ribbon and tied several bows to pretend they are my leafs.

download (5)

Making the vase is pretty simple, I always save jars, small or large, It doesnt matter, it is up to you.

You will need:

– Mod Podge

-Any yarn you like I found this funky one on E bay HERE

-an washed and cleaned jar

-A brush to apply your mod podge

download (6)

You do not want to cut the Yarn, start at the top, a little mod podge and hold for a few minutes to set that top end really good in. then

brush your mod podge half way trough, while rolling the jar in your hand and the yarn will go all around the jar nice, do the same with bottom part, then when you come to the end

cut and make sure you hold for a few to adhere the ending part good to the bottom.

I used another simple brown ribbon yarn to tie little ribbons with a key to it,

and all done! Do not apply mod podge over the yarn!



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