Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Design is knowing which ones to keep.

 – Scott Adams


Beach Time set 1

Beach time commercial use set is a perfect mini bundle full of shapes, brushes, stamps and papers. Inside: 30 PNG, abr and csh shapes, sea brushes and 16 unique jpeg beach fantasy bases. commercial use ok, cu4cu ok Beach Time set 1  ... read more

Painted Sky Fantasy papers

Into some cloud papers and images? These are very versatile, you can use them as overlays or paper, layout bases or other cool projects, Let your mind be your guide with these magical bases. Commercial use product as well as cu4cu. Painted Sky 3 Painted Sky... read more

A new CU Fan Freebie

I have a new Facebook fan freebie for you this week, Commercial use ok swirl vectors. Come grab them on my Facebook page ( You must be a fan to download ) DOWNLOAD THE... read more


Don`t Stop the Magic – collection

Magic is everywhere, in love, adventures, reading, friendship, we experience it more than you realize, our life keeps us pretty busy but sometimes, there is that one magical moment we are lucky to witness, this collection can help you keep memory of it forever. Scrap your wonders and special moments. Don`t Stop the Magic – Bundle deal... read more

My Big Year – October

October is fun, i love playing with leaves and fall flowers to decorate my doors and porch. My Big Year October part is full of fall magic. Inside you will receive: 36 unique elements, 3 big clusters, a glitter style, 2 12×12 stacked papers, 1 12×12 quickpage and 6 12×12 JPEG papers @ 300 DPI. Personal use / scrap 4 hire My Big Year –... read more

Hire me To Design your Brand


I specialize in Logo Design, Packaging, Web Design such as WordPress installation and Design, ZenCart installation and Design,Site Migration and more…

Custom Wordpress

Custom Design and installation


Custom Logo

Custom Logo Design


Custom Zencart

Custom Zen Cart Design and Installation


Custom Packaging

Custom Preview Template


Module Installations

ZenCart & Wordpress Module installations


Design is not just what it looks and feels like, Design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs



Deviled eggs – SweetMade recipe

with 4th of July I thought I d share my Famous Deviled egg recipe with you. I thought I d share my famous recipe with you and maybe someone you know will love them a lot. Its ok if you want to keep the secret. A lot of people add relish to their deviled eggs I find that it just makes them taste too sweet for me, so a great substitute that I have are kosher pickles. prep time 20 minutes. makes 20 egg half’s. This is what you will need for my Eggs – 10 eggs – Low fat Mayonnaise ( or regular if you like) Any brand you like but the regular works best – Yellow mustard – Kosher dill pickles – Salt and pepper – paprika It is very simple,  Boil your 10 eggs, I usually will boil them for 15 minutes and then let them cool. * TIP : add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water the egg will peel very easy without braking your egg Let them cool completely, Peel the eggs, cut them in half’s and push the yellows out into a bowl. Place your egg whites on a plate. Cut about 2 x 4ths or 1whole medium pickle. Per 10 eggs that’s ok ( reason I say 4ths because a lot of times I find the kosher pickles already cut in 4ths in a jar, so 2 will do) Cut them long ways then into small cubes, the smaller the better but don’t smash them, I like the texture they create with the egg and cream. Add it to your bowl. Now add... read more

Helping Hands – recolor artwork -ai

My new color vector collection are made for an easy recolor in adobe illustrator, this quick movie shows you where to look when you wanting to recolor the Ai file in Adobe Illustrator... read more

doodle doodle – free with video

Here is a video of me in Ai, this video was shot just 30 min. ago and is very rough, i did not include audio, ( trust me it is loud in my house right now) I drew these really quick and they are not complicated doodles, never the less i wanted to show some first steps to simple doodles, you too can make on your own, that is if you draw. The doodles before Ai, scanned, you can see i work with a sharpie marker ( ultra fine black will do), the doodle is very jaggy, and marker is a bit runny, some edges are not smooth but trust me it doesnt matter so do your best when drawing but you dont have to be perfect, just watch the transformation and below you can download the 2 doodles FREE, they are CU ok AND CU4CU ok. Doodles before Ai:     Transform: ** now that u tube has them they are not clear at all, so i will redo the video in a while.     doodles after ai: Over the weekend i am going to make another tutorial on how to work and make them color doodles. sry this is a bit unclear I just wanted to show that I actually know what i am doing, but i dont know what i am doing when it comes to recording video. so bare with me.... read more

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