Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Design is knowing which ones to keep.

 – Scott Adams


Grunge Flirt anyone?

Are you in love with Grunge brushes? They are so versatile and unique, I love making them for my fans and customers. I have a bundle with 198 png and abr photoshop brushes, they are commercial use ok as well as cu4cu ok. Grunge Flirt 6… more info 33 PNG and ABR unique Grunge brushes, commercial use ok, cu 4 cu ok Grunge Flirt 5… more info 33 PNG and ABR unique Grunge brushes, commercial use ok, cu 4 cu ok Grunge Flirt 4… more info 33 PNG and ABR unique Grunge brushes, commercial use ok, cu 4 cu ok Grunge Flirt 3… more info 33 PNG and ABR unique Grunge brushes, commercial use ok, cu 4 cu ok Grunge Flirt 2… more info 33 PNG and ABR unique Grunge brushes, commercial use ok, cu 4 cu ok Grunge Flirt 1… more info 33 PNG and ABR unique Grunge brushes, commercial use ok, cu 4 cu... read more

Soft Summer Fantasy Bases Bundle 1

Summers end brings in a lot of summer captures, I have created these new soft summer bases just right for any project you may think of, inside you will receive 16 12×12 JPEG papers, commercial use ok and CU4Cu ok Soft Summer Fantasy Bases Bundle 1  ... read more


Family Dinner Collaboration with Manu Scraps

Polish the silver, check every tyne.  Aunt Esther is coming! Bring out the best wine!  Fresh bread from the oven, colorful veggies and fruits, laughter contagious as we reminisce o’er our roots.  Kettle on the fire, rich soup in the bowls, Family Dinner is about memories of the young and the old. Family Dinner {Bundle with BONUS RECIPES} –  FREE BONUS only available in this bundle: 26 recipe cards with favorite recipes from our Studio team!– DOUBLE BONUS!  Ready-to-print hybrid project (special thanks to LouCee Creation for making this stunning book for us)            … more... read more

The Chic Market Collab

A trip to the flea market, the flower stalls, the antique stores and all the gift shops and boutiques in between. It is a day of celebrating close friends and a shared passion for all things vintage and girly! Aneta {Sweet Made Inc.} and Anita Diane {ADB Designs} invite you to enjoy all those wonderful treasures that “chicks” find when engaging in a bit of “retail therapy” and special girl time with their collection: The Chic Market. Great for scrapping those fun times out with the girls, parties and family celebrations, children and babies, this collection is both versatile and unique… you are limited only by your imagination. Collection Contents: Page Kit: 25 papers and 124 unique elements (plus 4 shadowed versions for 128 total PNGs) {2 beads, 4 bead strands, 4 buttons, 1 brooch, 3 charms, 1 charms dangle, 3 beaded dangles, 29 flowers, 5 foliage, 9 frames, 4 pieces of lace and trim, 1 banner, 3 boxes (1 in 2 parts), bucket of roses, 2 butterflies, 1 female cardinal carving, 4 vintage drawer knobs, 1 ornamental chest, 1 flowered clock face, 1 grandfather clock, 1 dragonfly, 2 dress forms (1 wire, one solid), 1 feather, 1 globe, 1 heart, 1 key, 1 owl, 1 shoe, 1 bead scatter 2 spools,1 wood medallion, 3 raffia ties, 7 ribbons, 1 twisted wire, 11 sequined floral decorated trims & scatter, 4 staples, 2 stitches, and 3 tags} Clusters: 9 delightful clusters to decorate your pages and speed your layout creation; some pre-shadowed (1 in two versions for a total of 10 PNGs) Solids: 15 softly textured background papers Stacked: 4 beautifully decorated... read more

2014 Calendar 8×10 pages

January trough December, Make a unique 8×10 Calendar, I have included PSD files ( they will allow you to change the background papers, borders, and insert photos)as well as PNG files. High quality printable Images @ 300 DPI. Makes a great gift all year around! Personalize with Photos, Clusters or fonts! Inside you will also find some suggestive stickers ( PSD and PNG ) to mark some important dates such as B-day, Anniversary, Appointment and Vacation. Make more of your own before you print, fill out your calendar with all the dates that are important to you or the person you are gifting it to. Personal use/scrap4hire ok 2014 8×10 Page... read more

Hire me To Design your Brand


I specialize in Logo Design, Packaging, Web Design such as WordPress installation and Design, ZenCart installation and Design,Site Migration and more…

Custom Wordpress

Custom Design and installation


Custom Logo

Custom Logo Design


Custom Zencart

Custom Zen Cart Design and Installation


Custom Packaging

Custom Preview Template


Module Installations

ZenCart & Wordpress Module installations


Design is not just what it looks and feels like, Design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs



Calvins Cheesy Sausage bake

Are you in a hurry? On a budget? This recipe is for you, With 3 Kids Calvin is always looking to save time and money. Making Budget recipes that are also Kid and Man friendly can be a challenge, but don’t fear this meal is fulfilling ( rawr for the guys!), Healthy, Quick and budget Friendly. Ingredients 2 sausage ( of your choice) we used polish sausage 1 frozen bag of spinach ( or fresh 3/4 ounces) ( don’t like spinach? use broccoli) 1 small tub of cherry tomatos ( you can substitute for canned roasted tomato) 3/4 pounds of mushrooms ( can be canned) 1 box of Penne pasta ( you could use bowties for an even more kid friendly look) 1 bag of Shredded cheese ( your choice again but we used italian mix) 1 clove of garlic ( or garlic salt) 1 table spoon oil salt and pepper Optional Parmesan cheese ( or left over cheese you have from above bag for garnish) Optional ricotta cheese ( 1/2 cup) Instructions ** Preheat your owen to 350 Degrees ** SIDE: boil water for your noodles ( TIP: add a pinch of salt and a half of teaspoon of oil to the water), Add noodles when water boils * slice your sausage, thin slices are best but you can do cubes too ( makes more) * Warm up a big frying pan with a table spoon of oil ( we used virgin), you can also coat it quick with a cooking spray. *place your sausage in the hot pan and fry for 5 minutes stirring, making sure the sausage... read more

Meta Data and Copyright for your images

In this tutorial I want to show you an Nifty way to protect your images with digital copyright in Photoshop, As you see I have placed a watermark on my Image already you too can of course do this step with any font as you already probably know, but I always feel uneasy when I post images of my children on the Internet, I want to do more than just place a watermark which someone could easy remove with a cropping of the image. Once you are done Editing your image such as lighting, cropping etc you will do these following steps to ensure your image is Digitally protected. 1. Go to file/File Info  ( Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I) A new pop up window will open The very first tab will be Description. Here you will fill out any info you want, I don’t want to spend too much time filling out every single window so I will show you only the important ones. Your Document title: this is your title of your image name, you can enter what ever name you wish to give this image. Author: That is where your name goes, fill that out. -Important step! Copyright status: Drop down and select Copyrighted In the copyright notice you can describe your terms there. Copyright Info URL: you can place your web link or any link you wish that will lead to your full terms of use Next Tab is IPTC ( that is the image Metadata) Here you can also fill out what ever you wish i only filled out my name country email and again my website URL. You... read more

3 cheese stuffed shells

Calvins 3 Cheese Stuffed Shells Recepe Ingredients: 2 pounds of ground beef 1 10 ounce frozen spinach ( or 2 if you really love it like we do) 2 jars of Cheese flavor spaghetti sauce ( we used Francesco Rinaldi 3 cheese hearty sauce) 1 1/2 cups of ricotta cheese 1 8 ounce shredded mozzarella cheese 1 cup of feta cheese 1 box of jumbo shells ( pasta) salt and pepper dry parsley for garnish Prepare: *Boil the water for your shells, add and cook the noodles. Drain the beef from all liquid, drain your pasta and set in cold water to chill for a while. *Use a medium bowl with some water and place your frozen spinach in it, you can microwave it for 8 minutes to defrost, for those not liking to microwave their food you can also do this in a small pan on the stove. *Drain the spinach of all water. *On a second burner ( that is if your pasta is still cooking) place a deep frying pan and brown all your ground beef. After you have drained all the beef from the liquid, place it back into the frying pan. Place your drained spinach in the pan with the beef. Work the spinach evenly with the beef a little, chopping and string. Add the 1 1/12 cups of Ricotta cheese plus 1 1/2 cups of your spaghetti sauce. this time you want to be careful stirring it will be thick, fold your ingredients in nice and even. You can add a dash  of Mozzarella and a dash of your feta and let it all... read more

Fall / Holiday Wreath

I have another tutorial on DSB blog for you, this one is a square fall / holiday Wreath, You can make this easy with your kids on a nice fall afternoon, The possibilities are endless. Fall, Full of magic and most artistic Season of all. Is sure has me inspired to do some crafty DIY projects. I wanted to do a Fall themes DIY wreath but i did not want to stick with the regular ole round Crafting wreath this time. I wanted of course to be a tad different and i decided to make a square wreath this season. You will not need a lot and it is up to you how far you want to go with this creation. the fun part this project converts easy to an Holiday Wreath which i will display next month. A Crafting glue gun A small saw Craft sharp Scissors This is a great Crafting DIY project you can do with your children or grandchildren this Fall brake, Send your kids out on a scavenger hunt for supplies. Anything could be useful, sticks, old branches, leaves, pine cones, flowers, moss, etc. Give your kid a bag and let them go searching in the back yard or on a walk with you. We were lucky a little i did most of the supply gathering right after we had our trees and shrubs trimmed, which most of you do any way this time a year. This was our gathering today, We found some cool green berries too, i later decided not to use the blue ones in the picture, they were getting really... read more

Make some Coaster gifts

I have a quick and pretty easy tutorial how you can make some cute custom gifts, may it be from digital papers or photos you can impress with this cute gift idea this season, its so inexpensive and you can make a couple sets in no time These coasters are fun and easy to make. You can make them as a gift for friends and family this holiday season, imagine grandma getting some nice custom coasters with the Grand kids photos, flower photos or just some nice paper work. I made mine with Papers to start with, you can use any papers / textures you wish but there are many beautiful paper packs to choose from in my shop. Just print and you have some nice custom papers that you can turn into some cool custom coasters. WHAT YOU WILL NEED: -papers or photos you will cut -4 or more tiles ( you can buy them from any home improvement store for cents) mine are white, and cost 23 cents per tile. -Mod podge ( glossy finish) -a brush or small sponge to spread mod podge ( you can wash it off later) -some felt or rubber texture ( small amount one sheet will do of either) -for the sealing i used Krylon ColorMaster CLEAR finish sealant spray because it dries in 10 minutes or under, which was perfect for me. But there are many various finishing sprays you can choose from, as long as its clear and water proof you are good to go. Now you are ready to start! I put down newspaper on my table, ModPodging... read more

Vase with Paper flowers

– Mason jar / old spaghetti sauce jars do well to – Old book or ( any brown paper bag to make the solid red ones) -skewer sticks ( found in food isles) This is what you will need for this cute rose project. -Any ribbon you like / Yarn / any kind you like -Hot glue gun – scissors -Distress Ink /Walnut -Glimmer mist by tatered angels ( colors: candy apple red , Iridescent gold , Lemon zest) Take out 3 pages from the old book , holding them together cut them in half. Heat up your glue gun. Cut out 3 at a times large heart type shapes with no pointy end, its ok if they are not even or irregular, Cut out 3 medium ones, 3 smaller than medium , and 3 smaller ones for a total of 12. Cut out out of the left over page 3 half heart shapes/ small size,Take your Distress ink and rub the half hears and shapes to distress you edges all around, stamp some and make the book dirty a little or a lot, depending on which you like. If you are working with the brown paper roll do the same. Let them dry a little bit, If you are working with the brown paper to create red ones, this is a good t ime to spray them with Glimmer mist ” candy apple red”, let that dry a little as well. you Can prespray the book page shapes as well with Glimmer mist ” Lemon Zest”. Do not over do it, one spray on each will be enough... read more

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